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A deliciously wicked sketch comedy show that answers the question, “What if television had been around for the past 5,000 years?” This show was originally a television series that made it’s broadcast debut in 1998, and accumulated awards and nominations (Gemini, Rose D’Or, Canadian Comedy Awards, Ontario History Teachers).

History Bites skillfully packages real history with the biting satire of today’s star-driven world of the sound bite and photo op. Brilliantly performed by sketch comics, and hosted by the show’s creator and lead writer, Rick Green, who between the scenes, tells it like it was. Get ready to channel surf, and see history in an all new light.

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History Bites Nominations and Awards

History Bites Awards

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Award for Christopher Columbus History Bites

History Bites Cast and Crew

Cast Photo History Bites
Teresa Pavlinek, Ron Pardo, Bob Bainborough, Rick Green, Janet van de Graaff
Rick Green Simon Cranshaw Ava Green
Ava Green, Rick Green, Simon Crenshaw
History Bites Audio Engineer
Roberto Capretta – Audio Engineer
Bob Bainborough History Bites
Bob Bainborough

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